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Lead Generation

G enerating you leads and converting them into an appointment with a key decision maker is what we specialize in. These appointments are fully qualified and matches your criteria. By generating the lead and the appointment, you and your sales team can focus on converting these into actual new business & sales revenue.

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Your Dedicated Sales Team

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Quality Assurance

Customer Profiling

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  • We work with the most updated and accurate list here at Leads Accelerate, just like a Master Archer, we can equip you with the sharpest and newest bow and arrow to ensure that you hit bull’s eye every time.

  • If you have your own set of arrows and you just want to sharpen it, per say, we can offer our services that provides, Data Cleansing, Verification, Deduplication and Management.

Other’s might not know that 35% of any database becomes obsolete and inaccurate annually. All databases must be in their optimum quality to maximize its full potential. It means that it must be accurate, valid and complete. Leads Accelerate Customer Profiling Services provides all three.

Data Cleansing/ Data Scrubbing

Do you feel like that your database is not sufficient quality to support your business purpose for which it is being used? If you do, that is where we come in. Our Data Cleansing and Data Scrubbing Services will be a benefit for you. With a team of research analyst and different methods to get the necessary and the most accurate data for you, you ca never go wrong. We call the list that you have and confirm every piece of information that is needed to maximize your database’s potential.

Verification of Data

Most of companies keep their own database and rely on it for any sales campaign, but not all contacts are accurate or up to date. Some list are purchased from a database company and some are created internally but keeping them all up to date and accurate takes up so much time and energy. Leads Accelerate provides a wide array of options to verify the current database that you have and keep it as fresh as possible.


If you take a look at your database right now, are there duplicates? Should there be? How many distinct values are found for a given attribute on all records? These are the usual questions that pops up in our minds whenever we talk about databases. Let us answer those questions for you by providing one of our Profiling Services, Deduplication. A systematic approach that analyze not only the values indicated in the database but also their pattern and ranges. Making sure that you can work with a list that has no repeated contacts.

Database Management

We know that Data Profiling and Updating your database takes a lot of time and effort. That is what we are here for, we do all the work for you. Giving you that ease in your mind and and giving back your list good as new. You can sit back and relax while everything is taken care of for you.

B2B Database:

Right Data = Right Results



We guarantee 100% of the data we sell.


We will replace bounced emails and invalid phone numbers. No extra charge.


In any case we cannot replace a record (which is very unlikely), we will refund you for the incorrect records.

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Leads Accelerate is a Sales and Marketing firm that has been recognized as one of the top tier Lead Management in the industry. Since 2004, Leads Accelerate has been recognized as a leader in providing global market access via database services and lead generation through multi touch marketing. Leads Accelerate has trail-blaze the progress in developing marketing automation to improve the lead generation industry.

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